Carpet Cleaning Methods Available

  • Hot-Water Extraction [HWE] Cleaning is the traditional method for cleaning carpets.  It is recommended by the Carpet & Rug Institute to clean commercial-grade carpets using HWE at least once every 12 to 18 months.

  • Very-Low Moisture [VLM] Cleaning is an interim method for cleaning carpets between HWE cleanings.  It's lower cost provides a more efficient method to keep carpets looking great year-round and in some office settings, it can be an optimal replacement for HWE altogether.

The Benefits of Utilizing Hot-water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

  • Great Looking Carpets - for most carpets, hot-water extraction remains the industry leader for achieving aesthetically pleasing carpets.  This method is choice for carpets with heavy soiling.

  • Enhanced Sanitization - the sanitizing properties of the hot-water used with this method make it  preferred for environments in which sanitization is a top priority (e.g. school, day-care, etc.).

  • Contaminant Removal - due the rinsing process, more contaminants are removed from the carpet fibers than when using alternative methods.

The Benefits of Utilizing Very-low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

  • Lower Cost - savings typically range from 25-50% when compared to the Hot-Water Extraction method making VLM a good solution for cleaning carpets more frequently than once per year or when cost savings is a high priority.

  • Faster Drying Time - the carpet is dry within 2 hours of cleaning which helps to obviate contamination after cleaning.

  • Fewer Incidents of Returning Stains - because this method uses much less moisture during the carpet cleaning process, the ability for stains to wick-back and reappear after the cleaning is drastically diminished.  This method is preferred for carpets that have endured numerous spills.

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